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Angie Shaw- Chairman

Brian Shaw- Vice Chairman

Madison Shaw- Secretary

Sarah Rachels- Treasurer

Dan Noel- Healthcare Outreach Coordinator


We know from personal experience what it means to have the equipment you need to care completely for your child.  We also know what that means when you are unable to get those necessary pieces of equipment paid through your insurance.  This makes it terribly hard to give your child what they need because of funding issues.


When Makenzie went to Heaven our goal was to shine her light in her absence and help whomever we could.  This is how Friendz of Kenz was born in 2015.  Our goal is to help lessen the burden of equipment needs through support of our amazing community!

If you have or know a child in Iredell County or surrounding areas that is need of a wheelchair, AFO braces, walker, etc... or supplies such as suction catheters, thermovents, trach ties, etc... please go to our CONTACT US tab and send us information so we can do our best to serve those needs.

Due to limited financial resources we can cannot guarantee we can fill your need, but we can guarantee we will do everything possible to meet your child's needs.  


We know God has this organization in the palm of His hands and with Christ, all things are possible! 


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